Relaxhypnotherapy - Stress


Stress is the mental, emotional or physical strain impinging an individual by an external pressure. Everybody will at some point in their lives feel stressed. Although a small amount of pressure can be a positive aspect, such as providing you with motivation to get something done, too much stress can lead to mental, emotional and/or physical problems. Too much stress causes the body to release the chemical adrenaline in response to the natural ‘flight or fright’ response. When feeling fear or change, the subconscious mind acts as a survival mechanism, telling the body to naturally react to the stress stimulus.

Stress can materialise from work, relationships, home life, and daily situations. Be that as it may, there are different categories of stress. "Hypostress" is stress due to boredom, feeling unchallenged, or lack of motivation. "Eustress" is positive short-term stress which provides strength to increase performance and motivation. "Acute Stress" is stress felt through tension and physical disturbances. "Episodic Acute Stress" is a damaging form of acute stress associated with hypertension, migraines, heart conditions and other ailments. "Chronic Stress" is a serious stressful state that has no end and is associated with serious diseases from immunocompetence to cancer and diabetes. However, it is treatable, although it may take years until it can be controlled. "Traumatic Stress" is another type of stress which results from massive acute stress.

Symptoms of stress include increased irritability, heightened sensitivity to criticism, signs of tension (such as nail-biting), difficulty falling asleep or waking up, increased drinking or smoking, indigestion and loss of concentration.

Stress can be treated with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can be used to reduce stress by teaching the client to relax when they recognise the symptoms. I achieve this by first having the client pinpoint each stress stimuli. I then use the relaxation induction as it is important to spend time relaxing each part of the body. With the body relaxed and the mind relaxed, I then reprogram the client's subconscious to experience new responses to old stressful stimuli. The last step in the treatment will be to bring the client out of the trance, reminding the client that their mind and body are relaxed before they are reoriented.

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